New Brand Site Code of Conduct

Welcome to New Brand Site. In order to provide a safe, secure, and pleasant shopping environment for all patrons, your cooperation in complying with the following rules of conduct is greatly appreciated:

  1. Fighting, harassment, offending, rude gestures, provoking confrontations and disruptive conduct of any nature are prohibited.
  2. Juvenile groups of four or more are not permitted and will be dispersed.
  3. Please do not block access to store entrances, mall entrances, corridors, or parking areas. No loitering is permitted.
  4. Please walk; don’t run, bicycle, skate, or skateboard. Skateboards, bicycles and hoverboards are not allowed in the Center.
  5. Benches and chairs are for sitting only. Please do not sit on the tables or arms of the chairs.
  6. Well-behaved animals are permitted in the common area. Owners must clean up and be responsible for their actions. If you intend to bring your dog to New Brand Site, read the New Brand Site Canine Code of Conduct. Please check individual store rules for their policy.
  7. Weapons of any type are not permitted on mall property.
  8. Observe all Federal, State, and Local Laws. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is restricted to areas serving the same. Please refrain from defacing or damaging mall property. During regular school hours, unaccompanied minors will be asked to leave the mall.
  9. Please dress appropriately and observe all health codes. New Brand Site is a smoke free environment.
  10. Permission to take photos, video tapes, or audio tapes on or off mall property and/or store fronts must be given by the management office. Without prior permission from the management of the mall, no such activity is permitted.
  11. Solicitation, distribution of literature, social promotions or use of the property for any purpose other than shopping is prohibited without permission from the management of the mall.
  12. Overnight parking is not allowed. Unauthorized vehicles will be towed.
  13. Please refrain from shouting, making loud noises, or using indecent language. When listening to music, please use headphones.
  14. All trash must be placed in the proper trash receptacles. Littering will not be tolerated.
  15. The safety and health of our guests, employees, and community is always our top priority. We ask that each guest follow all recommended state mandates to promote a safe shopping environment for all.
  16. As of 10:00 PM (Monday through Saturday) or 6:30 PM (Sundays), all mall visitors other than those patronizing the food court or movie theatre are required to leave the mall property.

Violators of the following rules may be asked to leave the property and may be subject to prosecution for violation of applicable laws and ordinances. Any questions regarding these rules, please contact the General Manager at (518) 459-9020 ext. 240 or at Thank you for your cooperation.